PIMHUB - Product Information Management Software Features

Cloud based software to collect, enrich product content and easy publishing to all channels.

VINIEO Import Your Data

Import your data

Import data from multiple suppliers in Excel files and PIMHUB automatically creates language specific attributes. Bulk upload inventory and channel specific product pricing.
VINIEO Classify and organize products

Classify and organize products

Create master taxonomy to categorize products and manage channel specific category structures. Define custom product attributes for multiple languages with pick-lists and validation rules.
VINIEO Enrich Product Content

Enrich product content

Upload product images, video, manuals, CAD drawings. Create device specific product content and preview instantly. Setup product relationships for cross-sell and up-sell.
VINIEO Improve Product Data Quality

Improve product data quality

Eliminate data entry errors with customizable valuesets. Fix data issues with automated data validation checks. Track and approve changes with product enrichment workflow.
VINIEO Create and manage multiple catalogs

Create and manage multiple catalogs

Create and manage channel specific catalogs with custom selection of products and attributes from a master category tree. Ensure catalog is ready for publishing with completeness dashboard.
VINIEO Distribute Product Data to Channels

Distribute product data to channels

Export data to Excel file with channel specific attributes. Generate PDF catalogs, publish to InDesign for print, Amazon, Shopify. Market your products by posting to LinkedIn, FaceBook and Twitter.

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