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Rich Product Content Creation & Setup Service

VINIEO provides product data service to collect variant items, sku, categories, description, images, specifications from suppliers, manufacturers and update your product master data in PIMHUB system. Our service is fully customizable to your business need.


Product categorization helps customers easily navigate to find right products. Each product is placed in one or more category and normalized to ensure product search compatibility.

VINIEO Categorization
VINIEO Item and Image Setup

Item & Image Setup

We collect manufacturer item (SKU) and provide content with uniform formatting.

Product Images

Product images are collected in various formats specifically for print, web and mobile.

VINIEO Product Images

VINIEO Searchable Attributes

Searchable Attributes

For each sku and Category we collect and provide granular technical specifications that enable parametric and full text search.

Catalog Design & Publishing

Our team of catalog experts work with your marketing department to design Web & Print Catalogs.

VINIEO Catalog Design and Publishing

VINIEO Description and SEO Content

Descriptions & SEO Content

Detailed descriptions for each product is collected with keywords to support web & mobile catalog search engine optimization.

Related Products & Accessories

Our product content experts research and collect related products and accessories for you to maximize sales potential with each product listing.

VINIEO Related Products and Accessories

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VINIEO Omnichannel Product Information Management & Publishing Solution

Product Information Management & Publishing Solution

PIMHUB cloud based software helps retailers, distributors and manufacturers to collect, enrich product content and enables accurate and easy publishing to all channels.

Rich Product Content Collection, Enrichment and Omni-Channel Marketing

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