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If you are managing products in ERP system or in spreadsheets, often you may be spending more time in organizing / categorizing the products for your ecommerce web site, sales sheets, catalogs. In addition you may also find it difficult to include descriptions, technical specifications and multiple images. This pain will only grow when you add more products to sell. VINIEO can help you implement the PIM system, work with your suppliers to collect and update SKU’s with rich content such as images, descriptions, complex technical specifications and more. With the rich content added to your line card, you can provide buyers with more information to make informed purchase decision. PIM system is not only a tool just to manage your products, it is a necessary tool if you need to reduce time to manage the content for the products, to increase the SKU count and sell in more channels than ever before.

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VINIEO Omnichannel Product Information Management & Publishing Solution

Product Information Management & Publishing Solution

PIMHUB cloud based software helps retailers, distributors and manufacturers to collect, enrich product content and enables accurate and easy publishing to all channels.

Rich Product Content Collection, Enrichment and Omni-Channel Marketing

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